Reed Carr Edit

Age: 22
Labels: Ethereal Network, OTB
Aliases: Rompem
Genres: Electro
Duration: June 2015 - July 2015

"Rompem is a 22 year old DJ producer from the East Coast. With a special love for Electro House, Trap, and anything dope! He's keeping PLUR alive!" - Rompem on

Reed Carr is a 22 year old producer and DJ from Worcester, MA. He was one of the first to be featured on Ethereal, but ended up leaving right after his debut. It is unknown as to why he left, and so soon, but no information has been found.

Song Edit

Release Date
Going Hard N/A Electro June 23, 2015
Best of EDM Summer 2015 Mix N/A N/A July 25, 2015
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