Tyler Edit

Age: 14
Labels: Ethereal Network
Aliases: Trixyl, Inktome

Electro, Progressive House, Deep House, Trap, Glitch Hop, Memetastic, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Moombahton, Future Bass

Duration: June 2015 - Present Day

"Constructing ideas and emotions out of the sounds I define them with." - Inktome via

Inktome, formerly known as Trixyl, is a 14 year old EDM producer that was one of the first artists to be featured on the Ethereal Network. He is also considered a 'Main Artist' on the Ethereal Network website, and one of the most professional. His debut, A New Leaf, would be the third release and would falsely begin the Electro category.

On January 11th, Tyler announced that his alias would be changed to Inktome, but would only apply to releases after Dream Realm so that artwork wouldn't have to be redone, and because he didn't want to be seen with his more "mediocre" songs. When asked why he changed his alias, his response was "This one suits me better."

Tyler was one of the few to be featured in the Happy Birthday Max video, before it was taken down shortly after. He appeared on screen and wished happy birthday to fellow artist and collaborator, Nightime Burnout.

Inktome has had 8 singles, 1 EP, 1 mix, and has been featured in 4 other EPs.

Song Edit

Release Date
A New Leaf (w/ Nightime Burnout) N/A Electro June 20, 2015
Stargaze N/A Progressive House June 30, 2015
Go Daddy Go Daddy Deep House August 6, 2015
Anaglyph (w/ Krydaform) N/A Electro August 20, 2015
Stuck Without You (w/ Anesis) N/A Trap August 25, 2015
Ethereal Network August Mix N/A N/A August 31, 2015
Protostar & Draper - Chrysalis (Remix) N/A Glitch Hop November 17, 2015
Brrr Ethereal Christmas Glitch Hop December 24, 2015
The Meme Stealer (w/ Rezzax) N/A Memetastic January 14, 2016
Not Too Late (Remix) Not Too Late Trap January 28, 2016
The Creative Mind (w/ Oscilius) The Truth Behind Everything Drum & Bass March 3, 2016
Purity N/A Dubstep March 8, 2016
Pacer (w/ Sleep Circuit, Rezzax, and Oscilius) N/A Electro March 26, 2016
Sonar (w/ Nightime Burnout) Reunited Drum & Bass May 17, 2016
One Specific Frequency (w/ Nightime Burnout) Reunited Moombahton May 26, 2016
And The Beat Goes On (w/ Nightime Burnout) Reunited Drum & Bass May 26, 2016
Growl Nescience (w/ Nightime Burnout) Reunited Dubstep May 26, 2016
Nightlight (w/ Nightime Burnout) Reunited Future Bass May 26, 2016
The 128 Anthem (w/ Nightime Burnout) Reunited House May 26, 2016
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